Services Offered Price List

Personalized Services for Women, Men and Brides


Haircuts $85.

Discuss your bone structure, growth direction of your hair, how much time you have for styling, then relax with a head massage, conditioner, cutting and a class how to style hair.

Children Haircuts $3. a year until 13

Deep Conditioner $50.

Luxurious penetrating into you hair's three layers bringing it to optimum condition adding shine, silkiness and strength.

Blow Dry or Set $35.

Enjoy a massage as your hair is cleaned and conditioned, dried and styled.

Curling or Flat iron, or Hot rollers after a Blow dry $20.

Come in with dry hair

(flat iron or curling iron) $25.

Formal Hairstyling $65.

Gala events sweeping your hair in an up do, flowing locks or smooth and silky.

Hairstyling Class $100.

Starts with a shampoo, relaxing massage and conditioner bring your own brushes and irons or use the hair dressers. Your choice of styles updo or down, or both. You will never be frustrated again.

***All Services for your hair and make-up may be more or less. You will be quoted the exact price during your consultation.

Prices may vary due to the length or thickness of your hair or if the service is to be done in a selected area of your head example bangs.

Additional charge for coloring services

If your hair is past your shoulders an additional $10. If your hair is very thick or to the middle do you back or longer an additional $20.

Smoothing services if your hair is past your shoulders an addional $25. If your hair is very thick or to the middle of your back or longer or very thick an additional $50.

After a cut color or perm styling prices other then a basic blow dry are an additional charge.


We will discuss your skin color, eyes and hair color and determine the best hair color and for you.

Haircuts are not included in hair coloring prices.

***A basic blow dry is included.

***Hair that is past the shoulders or very thick is an additional $20.

Semi Permanent Hair Color $75.***Hair that is past the shoulders or very thick is an additional $20

All over hair color that lasts six to eight weeks for those who are looking to try something new without a long term commitment. As this rinses out It blends in gray or changes the tone of your hair.

Permanent Hair Color $85.***Roots only

$95. ***Roots to end Hair

Better known as a tint, this all over hair color does not rinse out of the hair but may fade. It will cover your gray, lighten or darken your hair. Touch-ups are every 4-6 weeks.

Glazing $80.

Similar to the icing on the cake, glazing tones your hair a different color or just gives it a shine.

Highlights or Low Lights Partial is $135. Full is $200.. Highlights use formulas of hair coloring or bleach to lighten little pieces of hair or big chunks which brightens and lightens your hair. Low lights with darker coloring using semi permanent or permanent hair coloring will add dimension to your hair.

Smoothing Services

Smoothing Treatment $400.

If you are tired of your frizz, curly hair or uneven waves this is a solution for you. It will last for 3-5 months.

*No waiting time $25 more.

Smoothing Express Treatment $300

If your want to get rid of frizz , smooth your curl this is for you. It will last for about a month.

NEW Defrizz Your Hair Soften and Shine Your Curl $450.

Like your curl, do not like the frizz, soften and shine your hair with this treatment. Last about 2-3 months.

Split Ends Treatment $90.

End your split ends this will last for approximately one month.

PERMANENTS SPIRAL AND BODY WAVES $100. passing the shoulders is more

Are for those who want their hair to move with waves or tighter curls. We teach you how to style your and give you a free treatment one week after your permanent or body wave. (Price does not include cut and one week later treatment. Hair styling class is free.)


Make-up Application $75.

Starting with a clean face and a natural beauty adding a bit of color to your face.

Make-up Lesson $100.

Starts with cleansing your face properly, toning, and moisturizing continuing with a step-by-step application of make-up from natural to preparing for a special event.

Refresher Course $35.


Preparing for your special day should begin with a trial so you will know what style of hair and make-up will make you glow.

Bridal Trial Hair $125.

Bride Wedding Day Hair $150.

Bridal Make-up (for trial or wedding day) $90.

Wedding Party Hair $80.

Wedding Party Make-up $75.

Available to travel to you. There will be a charge for travel time.


Make-up for Bridal Services and Special Events may be higher too.***

A $25. service fee will be charged for returned checks.

Cash and checks are accepted

Credit Cards accepted other then American Express and some reward cards.

A $5.00 convenience fee will be applied.

48 hour notice is required for all canceled appointments to avoid the 50% non cancellation fee.